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The students would all have a working knowledge of the myths of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Set, and Anubis.


In the desert

House Rules


Every character has a (Mental) Stability Point (SP) attribute, defaulting to Will. Fright checks must be made using the character’s current SP.

Whenever you fail a Fright Check you lose SP equal to half the margin of failure.

SP lost this way can be recovered. Every day, at the same time that you roll to recover HP, make a Will roll; you regain SP equal to half the margin of success. Failures do nothing.

Since you can only make the recovery roll once per day, you will need to stay well out of harm’s way in order to avoid pushing your fright check penalty to the point where you’re all but guaranteed lasting mental disability.

Other events may also cause loss of SP.

Main Page

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